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Reliable Handyman Services in Pace, FL

Florida Coast Handyman LLC, established in 2023, is a beacon of quality and reliability in Milton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze, and the surrounding areas.

Specializing in a comprehensive range of home maintenance services, we offer expertise in bathroom handyman services, remodeling, plumbing, heating solutions, and efficient drain cleaning. Our skilled hands also excel in assembling furniture, home remodeling tailored to your vision, precise drywall installation and repair, and door and window installation. We add color to your space with professional painting services and ensure functionality with top-notch plumbing, lighting, and electrical work. Despite our recent establishment, our team boasts a 20-year record of impeccable craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. At Florida Coast Handyman LLC, we’re not just building and repairing; we’re ensuring that every home in our community stands strong, functional, and beautiful.

Your Trusted Home Service Experts

Your Trusted Home Service Experts

Efficiency delivered promptly, comprehensive service range, expert craftsmanship guaranteed, cost-effective solutions offered, local area knowledge, reliable, timely responses, and personalized service.

At Florida Coast Handyman LLC, we’re more than just a name; we’re your premier partner in home enhancement, proudly serving Milton, Navarre, and Gulf Breeze. Our extensive services include adept bathroom makeovers, custom remodeling, masterful plumbing, heating system maintenance, and thorough drain cleaning. With over two decades of combined industry experience, our adept team specializes in meticulous furniture assembly, transformative home remodeling, expert drywall work, and precise door and window fittings. We bring life to your walls with professional painting, illuminate your spaces with strategic lighting, and keep your home running smoothly with our electrical expertise. Embracing each project with dedication and an eye for detail, Florida Coast Handyman LLC is your go-to source for creating and maintaining a home that’s as functional as it is inviting.

Bathroom Handyman

Transform your bathroom with our expert handyman services—fixing leaks, tile repair, grout renewal, and fixture installation for a functional and elegant space.


Keep warm and save money all winter long with our heating services, which include maintenance and repair for your furnace and boiler and new installations.


Dependable plumbing services ensure leak repairs, efficient pipework, and seamless installations, all performed with the utmost attention to detail and durability.

From seamless installations to precise repairs, our drywall services ensure flawless walls and ceilings that are the foundation of a beautiful interior.

Home Remodeling

Elevate your home with our remodeling services, focused on creating bespoke living spaces that blend aesthetics with functionality for ultimate comfort and style.

Electrical Work

Trust our certified electricians for all electrical work, ensuring safe, efficient, and code-compliant installations and repairs for your peace of mind.

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